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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Somebody else is accessing my friend's internet connection. what can she do?

i sent my friend's IP adress to one of my hacker friends for some reason... and my hacker friend isn't letting my friend to access her internet now... because the IP adress and her internet connection had no security.. that hacker could access it so easily and he disconnected her from her internet and now i think he is using her internet... and plus... the hacker is from iran and my friend is from georgia... what can she do to connect to her internet again?



Why can't I delete theses videos?

So i downloaded videos using realplayer, and now i'm done watching them, i want to delete them, so i can download new ones and they won't be so many. But whenever I try to delete them, it takes forever, or realplayer will stop responding. I tried deleting them thru realplayer's library, and realplayers video folder. Neither worked. Help please