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Sunday, 15 January 2012

what does mean by wifi bgn/gn/ etc ?

  • what does mean by wifi bgn/gn/ etc ?
    shankar sharma sharma

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  1. In short? Go for a wireless G router.
    The B, G, and N are shorthand for the IEEE WIFI standards 802.11b, g, and n respectively. The standards specified bandwidth, frequency channels, etc.

    N is the fastest, latest, and most expensive. The B standard is the oldest. IMHO you would want an N adapter, and there's numerous vendors out there (see the second link). Most make back-compatible hardware. However, check into what the xbox will use with respect to bandwidth so that it doesn't get bottlenecked at the adapter.
    G and N are both backwards compatible i.e. an N router will run a B, G, or N device and an N device will run on a B, G, or N router.
    Anyways leaving technical answers ....if u r going for a router, home user choose G if u r going to use it on office network with many users go for N.